Park Point Community Club’s (PPCC) web site has gone through different looks, spanning a couple of decades.

Initially it went online in early 1999, thanks to Kinnan Stauber, and was called  It was a very nicely designed site, that had a wealth of information.  You used to be able to view snapshots of this site on the ‘Internet Archive Wayback Machine’, but since then it doesn’t work anymore.  The first snapshot was taken January 25, 1999 and the last known snapshot was taken October 15, 2004 at which time the domain name appeared to be up for sale.

On November 24, 2004, was established by Chuck Flaig.  This site was linked to a PPCC Wiki page which was viewable for many years afterwards.  Now when you go to that page there is a message from seedwiki saying “seedwiki has fallen too low for me to rebuild it so i’ve turned it off i still have hopes of building a new style wiki”  -ken tyler

On April 29, 2009, was redesigned and is what you’re looking at right now.  This site was based off of the previous PPCC web sites coupled with some local Duluth area web site designs.