Park Point Community Club Meeting: November 21, 2017, Lafayette

Park Point Community Club Meeting 11/21/2017

  • 6:30pm Social & Check-in with neighbors
  • Call to Order, 7pm
  • Presentation and action on the minutes of the October 17th meeting printed in the Breeze November 2017
    • Motion to suspend rules for City of Duluth Planning Presentation on Canal Park Study: Kate Van Daele and Keith Hamre
    • Update on Sky Harbor Runway Re-alignment by SEH Engineering
  • Presentation and action on the treasurer’s report
  • Reading of all communications received
  • Report of the Committees
  •   Discussion and action on unfinished business
  • Discussion and action on new business
    • Report from neighbor Lynn Bentfield on Park Point data- How many residents, homes on Park Point?
  •   Adjournment

Duluth hires new director of Parks;  Welcome Mr. William Roche!

New Parks Manager 2017

Sky Harbor Newsletter for November 

St. Louis River Photo Contest

Dear Park Point Neighbor
There is still time for you to participate!
The 2017 Seasons of the St. Louis Photo Contest is almost over! We can’t believe the summer has come and gone so quickly and we’re closing in on the contest we started back in June! Incredible!  We have had amazing submissions from so many talented photographers. This email is a reminder to not let time get away from you and to share your photos of the river, or share this email with the brilliant artists in your life.
There is no time to waste! The photo contest ends Friday, December 1 @ Midnight. Your participation could award you:
  • $150.00 cash prize
  • Recognition in Wisconsin’s Great Waters 2018/2019 Calendar
  • Submission to the 2018/2019 WI Great Waters Calendar
  • Exposure on the front page of the St. Louis River Alliance website and Facebook page, as well as the WDNR’s Great Lakes website
  • Exposure at an art exhibition at a local Superior Gallery
  • Recognition in WI’s Lakesider Spring 2018 AOC newsletter.
And more!
Join the St. Louis River Alliance in celebrating the beauty of the largest U.S. tributary of the Lake Superior!
Find out more at:
Submit striking digital images that highlight the diverse flora, wildlife, and recreational activities that connect people to their natural habitat. SLRA will feature many of the photographs in our efforts to help protect the river’s amazing diversity of wildlife, people, plants and habitats.
Join us in the final month of the 2017 Seasons of the 
St. Louis River Photo Contest!
If you have any questions about this or if there’s anything we can do to assist you in participation in any way, please let us know.
Warmest regards,
Kris Eilers
P.S. Be sure to share the contest with family, friends, co-workers, and gifted photographers in your life!
Diverse Flora
Harbor Activities

Erosion in the Pine Forest, November 2017

Photos by Marie Strum of the Detroit District, USACE. Efforts will be made over the next months to secure state approval to place dredged sand from within the harbor on the beach as beach nourishment.


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